Fire Safety

Evergreen has been a leader in the supply of fire extinguishing systems and products since its establishment. Evergreen was founded in 2016 and has been delivering reliable, high-quality safety equipment. Evergreen Safety is a well-known supplier of fire protection equipment such as Fire Suppression Systems and Water Mist.

Safety has been our forte through the development of best-in-class products that are made for our clients. Evergreen believes it is our responsibility to respect our customers. Our products are highly valued by our patrons for their quality, pricing and timely delivery.

Evergreen has manufactured and tested hundreds of firefighting equipment over the past 25-years. For meeting industry standards and maintaining high quality, our products have been awarded global certifications. Evergreen is committed to improving the quality of our fire safety equipment, and our products to better serve our customers. Our valued customers often face challenges. We strive to minimize them.

Evergreen is driven to high values. This includes integrity, respect and transparency. Each of our products has been tested and approved before being released to the international and national markets.

Our company has seen tremendous growth over the years and is now able to reach every corner of India. We are now a symbol of excellence, ethics, and philosophy in fire safety.

High Quality Safety and Security Services

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