CCTV Surveillance

Our professional business CCTV systems will protect your assets. They use high technology such as Infrared Capability, High Definition Cameras and Infrared capability to monitor people, property and operations 24 hours a day. Evergreen Safety is a specialist in customizing solutions for your needs.

We can install and specify any type of system from perimeter CCTV cameras to more complex systems that place cameras in strategic locations around your premises.

Evergreen Safety offers advanced technology

CCTV systems can make your business safer. High-quality CCTV systems are able to help you track all activity within and around your business from early detection of criminal and anti-social behavior outside of your premises through monitoring and recording incidents within your premises, including accidents.

Evergreen Safety offers greater performance, capability and flexibility through a variety of digitally-enhanced devices, including High Definition cameras, intelligent storage, retrieval, offsite monitoring, response, integration with other security systems. Our systems offers:

1.Monitoring, detection and prevention of crime

2.Clear images at distances of up to 30 meters, day or night

3.To deter intrusions, Audible warnings

4.Automated connection to remote video receiving center

5.You can access your CCTV camera from anywhere

High Quality Safety and Security Services

We secure your home & workplace with high quality safety and security services at affordable prices

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